PM Imran welcomes the KSA initiative for peace with Iran

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Apr, 2021. 12:18 am
Iran Saudi Arabia good relations

Prime Minister Imran Khan has lauds Saudi Arabia’s move to develop friendly relations with Iran as both countries have been clasped in a struggle for regional dominance for decades.

PM Imran in his tweet said, “We welcome the KSA initiative for peace with Iran. Iran is our neighbour and KSA our closest friend. This peace initiative will strengthen the Muslim Ummah.”

His remarks came after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman announced to maintain good relations with arch-rival Iran.

The Crown Prince said that his country wanted Iran to help push the Middle East towards prosperity.

He also noted Iran’s disputes with Saudi Arabia over the nuclear programme, missile launches and support for “outlaw militias”.

He added, “Saudi Arabia was working with its regional and global partners to find solutions to these problems.”

The prince’s comments come days after reports surfaced that top Saudi and Iranian officials had held secret talks in order to end the disputes.

However, Iran’s foreign ministry neither confirmed nor denied the reports but said: “We always welcomed dialogue”.

Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called the US government “savage” after the US had imposed new sanctions on Iran, saying the Iranian people should turn their anger towards the White House for the shortcomings and problems.

Hassan Rouhani had said, “We’ve never seen such savage people in the White House throughout history.” “They committed the greatest act of savagery,” he added.

“With wrong, illegal and inappropriate sanctions and terrorist operations, they (Americans) prevented medicine and healthcare and food to reach Iran,” Rouhani had stated.

In 2018, the tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated sharply following the withdrawal of the nuclear deal by Donald Trump.

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