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Every politician has the right to be one with the public, Maryam Nawaz

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

29th May, 2021. 11:17 pm
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Maryam Nawaz

While talking to the media, Maryam Nawaz said that PPP recognizes Shahbaz Sharif as Leader of Opposition, and that PDM has its own strategy and Parliament has its own strategy, so the two should not be combined. As Leader of the Opposition, Shahbaz Sharif is aware of his responsibilities. The PDM has a completely independent role.

She further said that PPP is no longer a part of PDM so it is not her duty to answer questions regarding them or on their behalf. “Please do not repeatedly ask me about PPP” said Maryam Nawaz.

She said that nothing can be achieved if things are served to you in a silver platter, but you have to fight and snatch your rights.

“Today media representatives and judges are being attacked in the country for speaking the truth and writing the truth. The struggle for our people has forced undemocratic forces to retreat. All this is not reconciliation.”

Democratically speaking, she said that now the power will be given to the people of Pakistan and no political party will consider themselves in power as the source of power will be given to the people. PDM has the right to go to the people, and that standing with the people is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength of PDM.

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