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PM Imran To Highlight Civilization values in Prophet’s (PBUH) Seerah Today

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

27th May, 2021. 01:37 pm
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PM Imran To Highlight Civilization values in Prophet’s (PBUH) Seerah

Prime Minister Imran Khan will virtually deliver the keynote address at the International Conference on Civilizational Values in the Prophet’s (PBUH) Seerah today at 2 PM.

The virtual addressing is being organized by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), at Rabat, Morocco.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the massive change in climate will surely affect the future generations of Pakistan.

While addressing the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program ceremony, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan is unfortunately amongst the ten countries which are most vulnerable to climate change. “We want to leave a better Pakistan for future generations,” he added.

He further added that Pakistan will host “World Environment Day” on June 5 after its efforts to bring beneficial climate change by planting trees.

He said the government has embarked upon a series of projects including that of Ten Billion Tree Tsunami, national parks’ establishment and restoration of wetlands and wildlife to achieve that objective.

He said these projects will also provide job opportunities to the people and contribute to the promotion of tourism.

He further added that the government also aims to increase national parks in the country.

Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan had appreciated the humanitarian efforts of the Muslim World League across different parts of the world. He stressed that the organization was well placed to present the true image of Islam and promote interfaith harmony.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had highlighted the importance of combating Islamophobia and hoped that the Muslim Ummah would take it up as a unified cause.

He had also emphasized that the exercise of the right of freedom of expression carried with it responsibilities under international law, such as the obligation not to disseminate racist ideas, defame and ridicule religious symbol and religious personalities.

The Prime Minister had stressed the importance of bridging the gap in understanding and communication with reference to Islamophobia.

The premier had urged the Secretary-General to work towards engaging with all segments of Western society, in particular the academia, civil society organizations, intelligentsia and politicians.

He stressed that the international community must show a common resolve against intolerance and incitement to violence on the basis of religion or belief and work together for peaceful co-existence.

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