Rare Fish Made Balochistan’s Fisherman Millionaire Overnight

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st May, 2021. 01:37 pm
Rare Fish Made Balochistan's Fisherman Millionaire Overnight

A fisherman from Pishkan, Balochistan caught a 48 kg rare fish belongs to the croaker species from the coast of Jewani which was sold for a hefty sum of Rs 72 lakh.

According to the details, Sajid Haji Aba Bakar said that the credit for catching valuable croaker fish goes to the owner of the boat. At that time, Waheed Baloch was running the boat.

Ahmed Nadeem, deputy director of fisheries in Gwadar, confirmed that he had never seen a fish with such a high price.

Haji Ababakar said that at one point during the auction, the price of fish had reached 8.64 million, but in our tradition, a discount is provided, so a deal was reached for Rs 72 lakh.

Gwadar Development Authority Assistant Director Environment and Marine Biologist Abdul Rahim Baloch said that the demand for large croaker fish is very high in Europe and China.

“Some fish are expensive because of their meat, but the demand for this fish is high because its organs are used in medicine and surgery,” he said.

According to sources, some time ago, Abdul Haq Bami fisherman had also caught a croaker fish which was sold for Rs 78 lakh.

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