Govt Is Waiting For Snow To Melt To Curb Worst Load Shedding In Country

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 03:53 pm
Govt Is Waiting For Snow To Melt To Curb Worst Load Shedding In Country

The message of the Ministry of Energy is that the situation will improve from July 5 for the citizens who are worried due to power outages and load shedding across the country.

However, complete elimination is not possible until the snow melts in Skardu and northern areas.

A spokesperson of the Ministry of Energy said on Wednesday that due to the shortage of gas and water in the country is currently facing a drastic reduction in electricity production and the country needs about eight thousand MW of electricity.

“The RLNG plant, which supplies gas for power generation, is in a bad condition and will be repaired by Monday, July 5, after which power generation will start to improve,” he said.

It may be recalled that at present the Ministry of Energy needs one thousand MMFC of gas for gas-fired power plants while only half of it is available due to which less than four and a half to five thousand megawatts of electricity is generated.

The government is trying to run such plants on furnace oil and diesel, but the shortage is not being completely overcome.

According to the spokesman, although the heat has increased in the plains, the temperature in Skardu is still low and the snow is not melting and not reaching the dams due to which about 3400 MW of electricity is being generated less in Tarbela and Mangla dams.

“When the snow melts, the situation will improve in 10 to 15 days, but the government is not in a position to melt the snow,” he said.

On the other hand, ISCO, which supplies electricity to Islamabad, Rawalpindi and adjoining districts, announced on Tuesday that due to gap in demand and supply of power load management of different duration has been started in different arrears of IESCO, as the situation normalizes uninterrupted power supply will be started.

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