Pakistani-British Sajid Javid: Know More About UK’s New Health Minister

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

27th Jun, 2021. 04:32 pm
Pakistani-British Sajid Javid: Know More About UK's New Health Minister

Pakistani-origin British politician Sajid Javid has been appointed health minister following the resignation of UK health minister Matt Hancock.

Following the resignation of Matt Hancock, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has named his cabinet member Sajid Javid as the new Minister of Health.

Following the development, Sajid Javid announced in a tweet that he would accept the responsibility.

He said in a Tweet: “Honoured to have been asked to serve as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care at this critical time. I look forward to contributing to our fight against the pandemic, and serving my country from the Cabinet once again.”

Who is Sajid Javid?

According to the UK’s official website, Sajid Javid, who served as Home Secretary in 2019, has now been appointed Health Minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

Sajid Javid, who was elected Minister of Culture in 2014, is a key leader in the Conservative Party. In the 2010 general election, he was elected Member of Parliament from Bromsgrove.

Family background

Sajid Javid, 50, told the British magazine Evening Standard in 2012 about his family’s struggle: ‘My father came from a small village in Pakistan and came to the UK in search of work when he was 17 years old.

He added: ‘After emigrating to the UK, he settled in Rochdale and worked as a labourer in a cotton mill. But he was a very passionate man and when he saw that bus drivers in the UK get paid more, he took up the profession. He was nicknamed “Mr Night and Day” because of his hard work day and night.

Sajid Javid received his early education in Bristol, where his parents started a ladies ware shop. The family lived in a two-bedroom flat above the store.

Sajid Javid told the Daily Mail in 2014, “I found it difficult to go to school. I was a naughty boy. I was more interested in seeing Garage Hill than homework.”
From the very beginning, there was interest in the stock market. At the age of 14, he went to see his father’s bank manager and arranged for a 500 500 loan to invest in the shares. From then on, he began to study the Financial Times regularly.

After passing the O level in mathematics, he went to college and then to the University of Exeter, where he studied economics and politics, which also determined the direction of his future career.

While working in a commercial union, he met Lara, whom he later married.

Professional achievements

At the age of 24, Sajid Javed became the Vice President of Manhattan Bank, New York. He moved to London in 1997, took over as director at Deutsche Bank, and within four years became its managing director.

Political journey

Prior to his appointment as Minister of Economy in 2012, he served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to two different Ministers in the Ministry of Labor.

Sajid Javed was appointed Home Minister on April 30, 2018. He was the first non-white British Foreign Secretary. Prior to that, he served as Minister of Housing and Minister of Local Government.

Matt Hancock’s resignation background

UK health minister Matt Hancock quit on Saturday after he was caught breaking COVID-19 rules by kissing and embracing an assistant in his office, infuriating contemporaries and the community who have been living under strict lockdown.

The Minister wrote to PM Boris Johnson to resign after The Private Newspaper printed photos of the married minister embracing a woman who he had selected on a taxpayer-funded role to examine the enactment of his department.

Whereas, Hancock has been at the midpoint of the government’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic, regularly appearing on the television and radio to tell people to follow the SOP’s strictly to protect them from the virus.

“We owe it to people who have sacrificed so much in this pandemic to be honest when we have let them down as I have done by breaching the guidance,” he said in the letter.

Johnson replied that he was sorry to receive it.

“You should be immensely proud of your service,” he wrote. “I am grateful for your support and believe that your contribution to public service is far from over.”

The Newspaper showed Hancock embracing the assistant in his office last month, at a time when it was against the rules for people to have close contact with a person outdoor.

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