PTI Female Lawmakers Defend PM’s ‘Fewer Clothes’ Remarks

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Jun, 2021. 03:53 pm
PTI Female Lawmakers Defend PM's 'Fewer Clothes' Remarks

Ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) women lawmakers have defended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments about women’s fewer clothes and its impact on men.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul claimed that the Prime Minister was a “symbol of women’s empowerment” as no other party had been able to mobilize women in the political arena to such an extent.

“For the first time in Pakistan, five women ministers are sitting in the federal cabinet. This means that if there is any sign of women’s empowerment in Pakistan, it is Prime Minister Imran Khan,” she said.

“Our culture and dressing style is considered ideal all over the world. They want and try to dress like us, Pakistanis,” she said.

She said that no ‘liberal brigade’ would be allowed to be the spokesman of Pakistani society.

Zartaj Gul was referring to Prime Minister Imran’s critical remarks on the link between women’s clothing and the rising incidents of rape in society.

“My culture has honoured me, Islam has taught me politeness, don’t try to distort what is said in the Qur’an,” Zartaj Gul told a press conference.

“The process of empowering women is incomplete without the law and its implementation. Whether it is Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun or Punjabi dresses, there is dignity in our culture,” she said.

“In our society, women are respected wherever they go, people are given first place in the line, people leave their seats.”

People do not say that there is equality, they say that women are respected more,” she added.

Parliamentary Secretary for Law Malika Bukhari said she was proud to be a member of parliament, headed by a “person who prioritizes the protection of women and children”.

She said the prime minister had first instructed the law ministry to enact laws to end sexual exploitation and violence against women and children.

“Rape is a complex crime, not just against a girl or a woman, but against the state. The PTI government has set up special courts, anti-rape crisis cells and JITs,” she said.

“We have said that when women and girls come to the court to testify, the courts should be closed and they should have a camera hearing so that they can testify in a dignified manner,” she said.

Malika Bukhari said, “If we study Section 13, it eliminates the practice of two-finger testing and at the same time we said that the court will not give legal status to the act of immorality of women.”

“We have taken strong steps to curb the rape through legislation. Prime Minister Imran Khan has given women inheritance rights that no other prime minister has ever talked about before,” she said.



Men Are Not Robots, If Women Wear Fewer Clothes, It Will Have Impact: PM

Note that, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that men are not robots, if a woman wears fewer clothes, it will have an impact on men.

In an interview with journalist Jonathan Swan on Axios on HBO, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we do not have discos or nightclubs in Pakistan, it is a completely different society, when you raise temptation within society, young people have nowhere to go.

On the question of whether the choice of women’s clothing is really the cause of sexual violence against them? The Prime Minister said that it depends on the society in which you live.

Talking about sexual violence against women, Imran Khan said that men are not robots, if a woman wears fewer clothes, it will have an impact on men.


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