Afghan Ambassador’s Daughter’s Case: Interior Minister Snubs Indian Propaganda

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Jul, 2021. 02:22 pm
Afghan Ambassador's Daughter's Case: Interior Minister Snubs Indian Propaganda

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said that with the help of Safe City cameras and footage, information about the movement of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter has been collected and only one link remains to be found after which the issue will be resolved.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, he said that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador walked out of the house and reached the market, from where she took a taxi to the market.

“We got this information through Safe City cameras and videos. Ambassador’s daughter took another taxi from Khada Market which was seen going to Rawalpindi according to our footage,” he said.

He said that there is footage of a woman being dropped off by a taxi outside a shopping mall in Rawalpindi. Later, she took a third taxi from Daman-e-Koh and we have a gap of information on how to get to Daman Koh from Rawalpindi.

Sheikh Rashid said the driver of the third taxi from Daman-e-Koh had also been questioned, from whose phone he had called the Afghan diplomat.

According to the Home Minister, the ambassador’s daughter could have gone home before Sector F-6 of Islamabad but she preferred to go to F-9.

“We have received a written request for registration of the case at 2 pm and we were in full touch with the Foreign Office in this regard,” he said.

He said that the case has been registered under sections 365, 354, 506 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

“As they are cooperating with us, the case is unravelling, but according to our footage, the Afghan ambassador’s daughter went to Rawalpindi from Khada Market and landed at a shopping mall,” the interior minister said.

“Now the only problem is that we are investigating how she came to Daman-e-Koh from Rawalpindi. We are reviewing the footage of Rawalpindi. If this conspiracy is resolved by evening, then all the links of this case will be found,” he said.

After which we will be able to bring the international media, which has been misled by India, closer to reality and put the whole situation before the world.

The Federal Minister said that our importance in the region has increased a lot, the popularity of Imran Khan’s government foreign policy is everywhere, so India is not missing any opportunity to propagate against us.

Referring to the Dasu project, the Home Minister said that the Home Ministry was hosting 15 Chinese officials who went to the site by helicopter yesterday, adding that the Pakistan Army and all agencies were working hard on the investigation.

“The Dasu incident is being investigated jointly by 15 people, including people from our agency,” he said.

He said that the good cooperation between the Ministry of Home Affairs and Pakistani agencies in hosting Chinese officials was appreciated on WhatsApp yesterday but he said only one thing that our statement and your statement should be the same.

The Home Minister said that yesterday, the impression was made that the work in Dasu has stopped. Last night, the company issued a statement stating that Pakistanis are working there and the work will continue while no harm will be allowed on CPEC and dams projects.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the Chinese government is well aware that we are fulfilling our responsibility beyond our means and China has thanked the Pakistani agencies for their investigation.

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