Islamabad Flooding: President Alvi Comes out with his boat to rescue The Affectees

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

29th Jul, 2021. 09:07 am
Islamabad Flooding Arif Alvi

Amidst the disruption due to heavy flooding in Islamabad, President Dr Arif Alvi has said that he is ready to help the affectees of heavy rains in the federal capital.

The heavy rains on Tuesday night lashed the Sector E11 of Islamabad inundated with fears of nullahs flooding.

President Arif Alvi in his tweet said, Islamabad is my city just like Karachi and all other lovely cities of Pakistan and he is ready with his boat if needed.

“Islamabad is my city just like Karachi and all other lovely cities of Pakistan. I am confident that Islamabad’s administration are doing their job well but if need be, I am ready with my boat,” he wrote.

It is to be noted that President Arif Alvi came out with his boat to rescue people in Karachi during the 2017 heavy showers of rain in Karachi when he was MNA.

Cloudburst In Islamabad Wreaks Havoc, Kills Two People

Heavy rains lashing Islamabad has left the city at the mercy of torrential streams inducing fears of high-level flooding of Nullah as Army teams and resources turn up to rescue people.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) teams are working to clear the roads. All the teams are in the field to clear excessive water. The machinery is working on maximum locations for clearance.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Army troops are busy assisting civil administration in rescue and relief efforts. Contingencies plans are in place to meet any flood situation, it added.

What Is Cloudburst?

A sudden heavy downpour in a particular area for a short period of time that causes a major storm or flood is called a cloud burst or ‘cloudburst’. Before the cloud burst, the warm air at the bottom of the atmosphere begins to move rapidly upwards, causing the vapours in the clouds to turn into water droplets.

This process is so rapid that the cloud cannot withstand the load of newly formed water and it explodes with an explosion which results in heavy rains.

Cloudbursts usually occur in mountainous areas. Cloudbursts have wreaked havoc in northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir in recent years.

Earlier this month, a cloudburst wreaked havoc in the village of Salkhala in Azad Kashmir’s Neelum district.

The flash floods completely destroyed 16 houses and caused partial damage to 12 houses. Numerous livestock, vehicles and fruit trees have also been affected by the floods.

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