Mir Shakil illegal plot allotment Case: NAB’s Prosecution Attester Reveals Shocking Details

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08th Jul, 2021. 02:18 pm
Mir Shakil illegal Plot Allotment Case

The Accountability Court (AC) has on Thursday (today) heard the illegal plot allotment reference against the owner of Jang and Geo Mir Shakil-ur- Rahman and others.

The accused Mir Shakil appeared with his lawyer Advocate Amjad Pervez at the AC. Also, the co-accused, former director of land development Bashir Ahmed also appeared before the court.

Co-accused Nawaz Sharif has been declared a fugitive for not appearing despite being summoned by the court.

Earlier, a notice has been issued to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the acquittal plea of Mir Shakil and DG Land Development Authority (LDA) Humayun Faiz Rasool.

Special Prosecutor Haris Qureshi appeared before the court on behalf of NAB. The prosecution’s witness, Director Water and Sanitation Agency, Lahore (WASA) Zeeshan Bilal, had been summoned to record his statement.

At the hearing, the NAB prosecutor Haris Qureshi said the governing body has a case of legal violations against Jang-Geo owner and others.

“NAB has a case against Nawaz Sharif, Mir Shakil and others for misuse of power,” he added.

Mir Shakil violated the policy and allotted land from three different areas in a certain area, the prosecutor said.

“By law, more than 15 kanals are not allowed for an allotment but the accused has illegally occupied 58 kanals of land instead of 56 kanals,” Qureshi remarked.

The governing body prosecutor, however, has requested the Accountability Court to reject Mir Shakil and former DG LDA Humayun Faiz Rasool’s acquittal plea.

The defence argument and position stated that Mir Shakil acquired the land in 1986 while the NAB ordinance was formulated in 1999. Furthermore, NAB did not investigate any of the LDA officers.

Mir Shakil, former DG LDA Humayun Faiz Rasool, and Bashir Ahmad have been declared guilty in NAB reference. Accused Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman obtained 54 plots of 1, 1 Kanal on exemption with the connivance of then Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif, NAB prosecutor said.

On the other hand, Amjad Pervez Advocate cross-examines prosecution witness Director Legal Zeeshan Bilal.

The map of the plot presented to the court does not list any date, year or month, the attester said.

He said that the master plan does not have any WASA or LDA endorsement or official signature.

“I have done Civil Engineering and also have Masters in Sanitary and Engineering,” Zeeshan Bilal added.

“The drawing of the master plan of Johar Town near WASA was given at the request of the investigating officer,” he added.

However, Advocate Amjad Pervez begins arguments on the petition of Mir Shakil plot allotment reference.

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