PM Commends NCOC For Its Excellent Performance In Dealing With Pandemic

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Jul, 2021. 03:40 pm
PM Commends NCOC For Its Excellent Performance In Dealing With Pandemic

Following the inclusion of Pakistan in the list of countries best controlled by the American magazine The Economist, Prime Minister Imran Khan commended the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), Ehsaas Program and the State Bank.

The Economist Normalcy List reviewed the performance of 50 countries in returning to pre-pandemic life based on 8 indicators in 3 categories.

Each country on the list was given a score out of 100, which is the benchmark score of the pre-global epidemic activity level, with Pakistan’s current score being 84.4 and this tracker is updated weekly.

Currently, Hong Kong tops the rankings with a score of 96.3, followed by New Zealand with a score of 87.8, while Pakistan is at the third position.

Sharing a screenshot of the ranking, PM Imran Khan said in a tweet: “Congratulations to NCOC members, Ehsaas team & State Bank of Pakistan for effective response to Covid 19 pandemic; and above all thanks to the mercy of Almighty Allah.”

Elsewhere, China is ranked 19th with a score of 72.9 and India, which has been battling the devastating spread of the delta-type coronavirus, is ranked 48th with a score of 46.5.

South Korea and Colombia, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the list with zero scores.

Method Of Classification

According to The Economist, the list includes the world’s 50 largest economies, accounting for 90% of global GDP and 76% of the world’s population.

These countries scored out of 100 based on 8 signals in 3 categories, the first category includes transport and travel including public transport in major cities, traffic congestion in these cities and the number of domestic and international flights.

Similarly, the presence of spectators in sports competitions, including cinema and box office revenues, has been grouped into the recreation and entertainment category, while the number of people visiting shops and the number of employees in offices has been reduced. Was grouped into the retailing and work categories.

A separate tracker for each signal shows that Pakistan has shown significant improvement in the public transport index with a score of more than 100 but less than 50 in terms of domestic and international flights.

However, most of the time last year, its score was zero on the indicator showing cinema revenue, Pakistan’s score was close to 100 in terms of the time people spend outdoors, at this time Pakistan’s ranking in this indicator Just over 100.

Since March last year, Pakistan has shown a gradual improvement in the shoplifting and office presence indicators, with the graph showing that the official attendance score is now more than 100 after the decline in June and the country’s retail index. The score is close to 120.

However, the country did not score in terms of road traffic and participation in sports competitions.

Positivity Rate Surges

On the other hand, the daily cases of coronavirus in Pakistan are once again on the rise.

According to the official portal, on June 25, the number of Cowid cases was reduced from 4 digits to 3 digits, 900 on June 27 and 735 on June 28.

Later, the number of cases increased and in just one week the frequency-doubled, with the coronary case positive rate being 2% in June, which has risen to more than 3% after a 20-day break.

According to official data, the positive rate of cases in the last 24 hours was 3.28% and the positive rate of more than 3% was recorded earlier on June 16.

In the last 24 hours, 1,517 new cases and 17 deaths of coronavirus were reported in the country, bringing the total number of cases to 966,007 and the number of deaths to 22,469.

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