Sindh govt’s unilateral actions to immensely damage economy: minister

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31st Jul, 2021. 08:46 pm
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ISLAMABAD: The unilateral actions of the Sindh government, contrary to the directives of the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC) and the Federal government, would cause immense damage to the national economy, a senior government official said on Saturday.

In a video statement, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Hussain Chaudhry said that the people were concerned over the provincial government’s decisions, particularly the imposition of the total lockdown in Karachi to curb the rising Covid cases, amid the fourth wave of the pandemic.

He said Pakistan successfully fought the first three waves of the pandemic with the strategy to save lives and livelihoods and that could not be changed.

The closure of industry in Sindh, the minister said, would harm the economy and create employment problems. The industries whose 100 per cent workforce was vaccinated, should be reopened, he said.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the way the Sindh government was imposing sanctions would only add to the hardships of the common man in the province, adding that under Articles 149 and 151 of the Constitution, and the Supreme Court’s decision, the provincial governments could not take unilateral decisions, rather they were bound to implement the federal government’s guidelines and the NCOC’s strategy.

The Sindh government; therefore, should immediately open industries, and not pressurise the traders and daily wage earners, he added.

The minister regretted that had the Sindh government implemented the standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to the coronavirus, the province would not have been facing the present situation.

The federation, he said, was cooperating with the provincial governments to curb the pandemic.

The minister said the fourth wave of the coronavirus started from India, where the Narendra Modi government unfortunately did not take steps required to control its outbreak.

“Today, India has become a source of spreading Delta virus in the entire region,” he said, adding that the world economies were recovering from the coronavirus successfully, but once again they came under stress due to the irresponsible policies of the Indian government, the minister added.

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