Usman Mirza Received Rs1,125,000 From The Tortured Couple After Blackmailing Them

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

13th Jul, 2021. 03:14 pm
Usman Mirza Islamabad Torture Case

Usman Mirza and his other accomplices have received over Rs1.1 million from the couple after filming them and stripping the woman and inappropriately touching her.

According to the details, prime suspect Usman Mirza and other accomplices were presented before the juridical magistrate at a session court in the Islamabad torture case.

A lawyer Hasan Javed also appeared before the court saying that he would now be representing the couple in the entire episode after they decided to pursue the case on their own.

The police sought an extension in the physical remand of the suspects after the court was informed that they have previously spent six days in the physical remand.

“Usman Mirza and accomplices have spent six days in remand and police have recovered two mobile phones and a pistol from the prime suspect’s custody,” the government lawyer said.

He further shared that the complainant couple has also recorded their statements before the magistrate sharing that the suspects received Rs1,125,000 from them after they were filmed by 12 people for nearly two and a half hours at an apartment.

“The suspects undressed the girl and touched her inappropriately during the video,” the lawyer said.

“They have added section 375 in the case that could lead to life imprisonment or the death penalty,” he added.

He said that another FIR over recovery of a pistol from the suspect was also registered besides also filing an FIR under section 384 over extortion charges.

#UsmanMirza: Couple Brutally Tortured In Islamabad Ties Knot

Police in Islamabad have arrested a man accused of torturing and harassing a boy and a girl, a video of which went viral on social media.

Authorities say police in Islamabad’s Golra police station took immediate action just hours after the video surfaced and arrested the accused Usman Mirza, who appeared in the video.

Police officials said that the accused Usman Mirza and his accomplices Farhan and Atta-ur-Rehman have been arrested and a case has been registered against them. Further legal action is being taken.

Dr Mustafa Tanveer, SSP Operations, Islamabad Police, said that three people have been arrested after the video of a man named Usman Mirza went viral. There is information about two other people who are being tried for arrest.

In this regard, the SSP said that the victims of the incident could not be contacted by the police. Where all of a sudden these people arrived and started harassing them both.

He said that the accused had behaved insolently towards the boy and the girl.

Referring to the incident, he added that the case included provisions for other charges, including harassment of a woman. “There are allegations of rape,” he said. However, the allegation could not be confirmed until the victim’s statement was recorded. If abused or even attempted. So its provisions will also be included in the FIR.

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