Arshad Nadeem, a Pakistani Olympian, will return to Pakistan

Syed AhadWeb Editor

08th Aug, 2021. 09:15 pm
Arshad Nadeem

After giving a wonderful performance in the Tokyo Olympics’ javelin throw final, Pakistan’s brilliant athlete Arshad Nadeem will arrive home.

Arshad Nadeem Javelin thrower is the first Pakistani athlete in history to succeed in the final of any occasion at the Olympics. During the final of the Tokyo Olympics, he finished fifth in the men’s javelin throw.

The whole country had nothing but love for Arshad Nadeem, for his marvelous sportsman spirit, despite not having access to facilities comparable to those accessible to other athletes when they entered.

Nadeem didn’t make the podium, but he captured the hearts of the country with his perseverance throughout the competition.

Taking to Twitter, the whole country esteemed Nadeem for his ‘unreal’ efforts.

The javelin of Nadeem in his first throw covered a distance of 82.4 meters while Chopra from India threw at a distance of 87.03 meters.

Pakistan was in 6th while India ranked 1st, at the end of the first throw.

In the 2nd throw, Nadeem crossed the line and it was counted as a foul, while Chopra recorded a distance of 87.58m.

Chopra scored 76.70m on his third throw, while Nadeem, who had been in 9th place, moved up to fourth place after hitting 84.62m.

Nadeem after finishing 4th he qualified for the final round, at the end of three rounds.

Nadeem’s mother is very happy and feeling proud of his son. She is praying for him that he will bring a medal at home and adore Pakistan, she said.

Not only Nadeem but also Chopra has crossed the line and counted a foul in the last round, while Nadeem’s 1st throw resulted in a distance of 82.91m.

Chopra fouls again in the 2nd round, whereas Nadeem threw the javelin to a distance of 81.98m.

Nadeem was not able to throw the javelin in the final round as it again counted as a foul, in the meantime Chopra threw the javelin at a distance of 84.24m.

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