Pakistan’s High Commissioner Hopes To Be Removed From UK’s Red List

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Aug, 2021. 10:02 am
Pakistan's High Commissioner Hopes To Be Removed From UK's Red List

Pakistan’s High Commissioner to the UK Moazzam Ahmad Khan has said he hopes the British government will remove Pakistan from the red list in an August 26 travel ban update.

According to the report, while briefing the journalists, he apprised them of the embassy’s contacts with the British authorities on the issue of keeping Pakistan on the travel ban list and said that the authorities here should take into account all aspects of Pakistan’s data.

He also rejected reports of a lack of communication between the two countries on the issue of COVID-19.

“It’s not a criticism, but our point of view is important. There is no lack of communication. We are in constant touch with them,” he said.

The Pakistani ambassador said that in fact, I had the opportunity to talk to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and draw his attention to the issue of maintaining the red list in Pakistan which has disappointed the people and migrants in Pakistan which he said. That they are looking into the matter.

He added that the concerns raised by the British authorities regarding Pakistan included two important points, one was inadequate genome monitoring of new strains of the coronavirus and the other was the lack of testing and data. There was no problem.

“It may be a matter of relatively low testing, but the sample volume of our daily tests is sufficient to make informed decisions,” the High Commissioner said.

He said that along with the data of daily cases, the British authorities have also been asked to look into the number of deaths per day, which cannot be hidden and the need for oxygen and ventilators cannot be kept secret.

“So that the decision of the British authorities is not based on one thing but on all aspects, we think that when the situation in Pakistan was reviewed, not all aspects were taken into account,” he said.

“The main purpose of the British government is to prevent the arrival of infected passengers, especially new strains of the virus, and I think PCR testing and antigen tests can achieve this goal,” he said.

“They are concerned about the arrival of new species in the UK and say that our genome monitoring is insufficient, there will be a lot of room for further work but our data gives a clear picture and our review The beta variant in Pakistan is not a cause for concern but the British and Delta type.

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