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PM Imran Khan launches public version of first-ever National Security Policy

Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi. Image: Screengrab from PTV

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that time after time, Pakistan had to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan which meant that the national security would be affected.

“When we approach the IMF we get a loan only with conditions. If we accept IMF’s conditions, it compromises our security. We can see the situation of the Muslim country who could not defend their security,” said PM Imran Khan while addressing the launching ceremony of Pakistan’s first-ever National Security Policy 2022-2026 in Islamabad. He signed the National Security Policy on this occasion.

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Never in the past had we made the country stable, he said adding that the government’s aim was that the entire state and public should adopt the same path. He said the policy had corrected the path of the nation.

The policy had been crafted with great effort, and it explained national security in its true essence, he said. He also paid tribute to the armed forces for defending the country and their sacrifices in the war on terror.

He said that an inclusive development was inevitable for national security.

“Inclusive growth means not only to uplift the poor people but also the neglected areas… (In such case) every common man becomes a stakeholder to protect the state…The biggest security is when people stand behind the state for its protection,” said the prime minister.

As per details, the original version of the policy will remain classified. Only a public version of the policy has been released according to which, the policy articulates a citizen-centric framework, placing economic security at its core and seeking a secure and economically resilient Pakistan, Radio Pakistan reported.

The main themes of the National Security Policy are national cohesion, securing an economic future, defence and territorial integrity, internal security, foreign policy in a changing world and human security.

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The NSP explains more than 200 policy actions. Peace, connection and trade with neighbouring countries remain the fundamental point of the policy.

Hybrid warfare is also a part of the policy. It will give a strategy to boost the national resources. Kashmir has been declared a crucial issue, and the increasing population, a challenge to human security.

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