PDMA issue major flood relay warning in Sutlej River

PDMA issue major flood relay warning in Sutlej River

PDMA issue major flood relay warning in Sutlej River
  • District administration is taking swift action to protect residents.
  • People living in low-lying areas to be evacuated to safer places immediately.
  • Mosques have been making announcements to keep the local population informed.

The Sutlej River’s water level is steadily increasing, prompting concerns among authorities and local communities.

The Irrigation Department has reported that a massive flow of 200,000 cusecs of water is expected to pass through the Mailsi Head Siphon.

This has led to fears of widespread flooding in the Sutlej river belt, prompting a high alert from Deputy Commissioner Wahari.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has also issued a warning about a potential major flood in the Sutlej River.

The district administration is taking swift action to protect residents from the impending disaster. They have advised people living in low-lying areas to evacuate to safer places immediately.

Mosques and other sources in the vulnerable areas have been making announcements to keep the local population informed.


Deputy Commissioner Syed Asif Hussain Shah emphasized the urgency of the situation, urging people to move to safe areas before land routes are cut off.

Recognizing the potential for immense damage, Deputy Commissioner Wahari emphasized the need for preparedness. The district administration has assured the public that they are ready to handle any emergency situation that may arise.

To facilitate the evacuation process, flood relief camps have been set up in various locations, including Karampur High School, Versi Wine High School, Mailsi High School, and Fatehpur High School.

These camps are equipped with essential facilities such as water, electricity, and medicines. DC Asif Hussain Shah has stated that people are welcome to come and stay in these camps.

Local residents are taking matters into their own hands, assisting each other in moving to safer areas. Despite the challenges, they are determined to protect their families, homes, and belongings from the impending flood.

As the water level in the Sutlej River continues to rise, the collective efforts of the district administration, authorities, and local communities are focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the affected areas.


As the Sutlej River swells, communities in Punjab are rallying together to provide relief and support to those affected by the flooding. The PDMA has been actively coordinating efforts to aid flood-affected individuals across several districts.

In Kasur district, where the flood’s impact has been severe, PDMA has set up 13 relief camps to provide shelter and assistance to those displaced by the rising waters. Boats, life jackets, dumpers, tractors, and excavators have been employed in rescue operations, resulting in the successful evacuation of over 24,000 people and more than 16,000 cattle.

Okara district, too, has borne the brunt of the floodwaters, with 56 villages and over 30,000 acres of crops affected. In response, PDMA has established 11 relief centers and supplied 36 boats and 756 life jackets to support rescue efforts.

Pakpattan district has also seen its share of challenges, with 52 flood relief camps set up to accommodate and assist displaced citizens. Over 11,000 people and 700 animals have been relocated to safe areas in Pakpattan.

In Wahari, more than 4,000 individuals have been moved to secure locations, while 17 relief camps, 10 medical centers, 23 boats, and 230 life jackets have been made available to those affected.

Bahawalpur has faced significant flooding as well, with 30 flood relief camps, 23 boats, and 16 rescue spots established. The dedication to protecting citizens is evident, as 100% of the high-risk areas have been evacuated.


A collaborative approach is in motion, as various departments, including Health, Revenue Rescue, Livestock, Local Government, Police, and Education, have united efforts to provide assistance. Even the Pakistan Army has joined the relief activities, further amplifying the impact of these efforts.

Relief Commissioner Punjab, Nabil Javed, has called for all districts to remain on high alert, ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens remains a priority. The commitment to relief activities will persist until every individual impacted by the floods has been fully evacuated and rehabilitated.

Nabeel Javed emphasizes the wise utilization of resources to maximize the effectiveness of relief efforts. With a strong focus on safeguarding lives and property, the collective actions of the government, local authorities, and the community are showcasing resilience and unity in the face of adversity.

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