Karachi, Hyderabad today weather update

Karachi, Hyderabad today weather update

Karachi, Hyderabad today weather update

Karachi, Hyderabad today weather update



Detailed Analysis

Sunny Skies and Comfortable Temperatures

Karachi, the bustling metropolis on the shores of the Arabian Sea, is currently experiencing delightful weather conditions. The temperature stands at a comfortable 24°C, accompanied by sunny skies that stretch as far as the eye can see.


Temperature and Real Feel

Despite the warmth, the RealFeel® temperature of 28°C provides a cozy atmosphere, while the RealFeel Shade™ temperature drops slightly to 25°C, ensuring a pleasant outdoor experience. The Max UV Index is at a moderate level of 3, suggesting the need for sun protection during extended periods outdoors.

Wind Condition

Winds in Karachi are currently calm at 0 km/h, with no gusts to speak of. This stillness in the air contributes to the serene ambiance enveloping the city.

Humidity Level

Humidity levels are relatively high at 64%, making the air feel slightly humid. However, indoor humidity mirrors the outdoor conditions at 64%, maintaining a consistent atmosphere.


Dew Point and Visibility

The dew point, a measure of atmospheric moisture, is recorded at 17°C, further emphasizing the humidity in the air. Despite this, the skies above Karachi are clear, with no significant cloud cover to obstruct the view. Visibility is excellent at 5 km, allowing residents to enjoy the cityscape to its fullest.

Atmospheric Pressure and Cloud Cover

Moreover, the atmospheric pressure is on the rise, currently standing at 1014 mb. This stable pressure indicates favorable weather conditions, with no immediate changes expected. The cloud ceiling remains at 0 m, indicating that there are no low-hanging clouds to obscure the sky.



Detailed Analysis


The temperature in Hyderabad is currently 24°C, providing mild conditions for residents and visitors.


Hazy sunshine prevails, adding a unique atmosphere to the cityscape.



Despite the recorded temperature, the RealFeel® temperature is slightly higher at 27°C, offering a warmer sensation.

RealFeel Shade™:

The RealFeel Shade™ temperature drops slightly to 23°C, providing some relief from the warmth.

Max UV Index:

The Max UV Index is moderate at 4, suggesting the need for sun protection during extended outdoor activities.



Winds are blowing from the NNW direction at 9 km/h, with occasional gusts reaching 12 km/h.


Humidity levels are at 41%, contributing to comfortable conditions. Indoor humidity mirrors outdoor conditions, maintaining an ideal atmosphere.

Dew Point:

The dew point is recorded at 10°C, indicating moderate atmospheric moisture.



The atmospheric pressure remains stable at 1010 mb.

Cloud Cover:

Cloud cover is at 51%, slightly reducing visibility.


Despite the cloud cover, visibility is good at 5 km.

Cloud Ceiling:


The cloud ceiling is at 9100 m, indicating no immediate threat of low clouds.

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