Weather Update For Karachi, Hyderabad

Weather Update For Karachi, Hyderabad

Weather Update For Karachi, Hyderabad

Weather Update For Lahore, Faisalabad



Temperature and Conditions:

The current temperature in Karachi stands at 21°C, accompanied by sunny skies that create a pleasant outdoor environment.

RealFeel® and RealFeel Shade™:


While the sun shines bright, the RealFeel® temperature is slightly warmer at 22°C, providing a comfortable sensation. However, in shaded areas, the RealFeel Shade™ temperature drops to 19°C, offering a cooler atmosphere.

Max UV Index and Wind:

With a Max UV Index of 3, there’s a moderate risk of sun exposure. The prevailing winds are coming from the north-northeast direction at a steady speed of 15 km/h, occasionally gusting up to 15 km/h.

Humidity and Dew Point:

Humidity levels are relatively low at 40%, contributing to the overall comfort. The dew point, standing at 7°C, indicates a moderate level of atmospheric moisture.

Pressure and Cloud Cover:


Currently, the atmospheric pressure is on the rise, measuring at 1018 mb. Cloud cover is minimal, resting at 0%, allowing ample sunshine and clear skies to prevail.

Visibility and Cloud Ceiling:

Visibility is good, extending up to 6 km, ensuring clear views of the surrounding areas. Clouds are situated at high altitudes, approximately 12200 m above ground level, posing no immediate hindrance to outdoor activities.


Temperature (19°C):


This indicates the current air temperature in Hyderabad, measured in degrees Celsius. It provides essential information about the warmth or coolness of the atmosphere.

Weather (Sunny):

The weather condition is described as “Sunny,” suggesting clear skies and ample sunlight. This indicates favorable weather for outdoor activities and generally pleasant conditions.

RealFeel® (19°C):

The RealFeel® temperature is a measure of how the temperature feels to the human body, factoring in elements such as humidity and wind. In this case, it aligns with the actual temperature, indicating that the perceived temperature matches the measured temperature.

RealFeel Shade™ (17°C):


This represents the perceived temperature in shaded areas, where direct sunlight may not reach. It is slightly lower than the RealFeel® temperature, accounting for the cooling effect of shade.

Max UV Index (3 Moderate):

The Maximum UV Index provides information about the strength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. A rating of 3, categorized as “Moderate,” implies a moderate risk of harm from UV exposure, suggesting the need for sun protection measures.

Wind (N 25 km/h):

The wind direction is from the north (N) at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour (km/h). Wind direction indicates the compass direction from which the wind originates.

Wind Gusts (33 km/h):


Occasionally, the wind speed may increase to 33 km/h in gusts. Wind gusts refer to short bursts of high wind speed that occur sporadically.

Humidity (55%):

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air. A humidity level of 55% suggests moderate moisture content in the atmosphere.

Indoor Humidity (52% Ideal):

The indoor humidity level is slightly lower than the outdoor humidity, at 52%, which is considered ideal for indoor comfort.

Dew Point (10°C):


The dew point is the temperature at which air becomes saturated with water vapor, leading to the formation of dew. A dew point of 10°C indicates relatively moist air.

Pressure (1017 mb):

Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted by the weight of air molecules above a specific point on the Earth’s surface. A pressure reading of 1017 millibars (mb) suggests stable atmospheric conditions.

Cloud Cover (0%):

Cloud cover refers to the extent of the sky covered by clouds. A cloud cover of 0% indicates clear skies with no cloud obstruction.

Visibility (16 km):


Visibility measures the distance at which objects can be clearly seen in the atmosphere. A visibility of 16 kilometers indicates excellent visibility, allowing for clear views of the surroundings.

Cloud Ceiling (10400 m):

The cloud ceiling is the height above the ground at which the lowest clouds are observed. A cloud ceiling of 10400 meters indicates that clouds are present at high altitudes, posing no immediate obstruction to visibility or outdoor activities.

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