Twitterites troll Modi after Indian Army surrenders to China

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

20th Jun, 2020. 07:25 pm
Pakistanis leave no opportunity to roast India, its Army, or its Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The same is the case in India. The rivalry began since the partition but the only difference is now the neighboring countries grill each other through social media platforms.

Pakistanis got a new reason to make fun of India’s Prime Minister Modii after his army surrendered to Chinese aggression on the Ladakh border.

On the other hand where India kept showing their army as the most powerful and brave in their movies, but Modi’s statement not only shocked the Indians but changed the Indian Army’s image in the world. Even Indians themselves are not content with the current Modi’s government and their negligence over the border crisis.

India’s ex-Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed Modi for denying Chinese intervention in India territory. In a recent press conference, Modi openly said that no foreigners entered the Indian territory. He spread the false news to Indians while ignoring the sacrifice of 20 Indian soldiers who died fighting with the Chinese soldiers. Gandhi asked,

“If the land was Chinese, why were our soldiers killed? Where were they killed?”

The Galwan Valley land is a disputed territory. It mainly operates under the Chinese government, but India also claims its rights on the land. However, Modi has permanently given the area to China as he refused to call it an Indian territory.

Pakistanis are now trolling Modi and Indian Army for their ‘cowardly act’ that never is portrayed in Indian movies.

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