Tiktokers’ new shoot destination – Karachi’s Parks

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Aug, 2020. 03:27 pm
Tiktokers’ new shoot destination – Karachi’s Parks

With TikTok taking the world by storm, there’s no stopping the Pakistanis from exploring their talents on this app too. Despite the numerous attempts of stopping this wave from growing, the Tiktokers have been persistent in their efforts. From shooting at home to malls to schools and now at parks, the Tiktokers have become unstoppable. The government had, last month, claimed it to be extremely indecent. Since then, they have been trying to take it down. Surprisingly, their efforts have gone terribly in vain and its popularity has not gone down an iota. Karachi’s famous Jheel Park, Frere Hall Park, and Hill Park have become the new TikTok destination.

Shaiz Raj, the famous Tiktok celebrity is loving this new idea and had a lot to say about it. “The parks have natural beauty and ambiance, here the videos are easily made with a real feel.” He finds this setting to be amazing because of the immaculate view and no need for a studio for shooting. Furthermore, he says “It should not be banned. This is a good application for common people. Those who couldn’t showcase their talent on TV, have found in it a great platform. Negative content has been created by those who have no talent.“

Shutting down Tiktok is not the best idea as its users will find more and more destinations to get their talent out. This is a controversial subject with no solution available right now.

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