Hungry kid orders food worth over Rs 5000 using mom’s mobile

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

26th Nov, 2020. 04:45 pm
Hungry kid

Children using their parents’ phone is common. Sometimes we hear stories about kids ordering things from their parents’ mobiles.

A kid named Tom fell in the same category but with a tiny twist. In his case, the four-year-old from Brazil ended up using his mother’s mobile to order McDonald’s as a result of extreme hunger. He ended up ordering food worth $400.

The young one decided to copy his mother, Raissa Andrade, and place the order. He had seen her make calls to takeaway restaurants earlier.

Andrade explained that she was in the shower when the hungry kid used the voice request option to order the huge amount of food.

Thankfully, the food didn’t go waste as Andrade distributed it among her family and neighbours.

Andrade also took to Instagram to share the story. The caption, when loosely translated from Portuguese, details how Tom ended up ordering lots of burgers, French fries, milkshakes, juices, and even two extra packs of ketchup. She ended her post by writing how the situation made her both laugh and cry. Eventually, she decided to join her son and have a fast food feast.

“I could only laugh. I spent more than two hours laughing at this story,” she told sources.


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There were many who shared the post with laughing out loud emojis to express their reactions. This post has already gathered almost 99,000 likes. People had mixed responses to the post.

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