The man’s phone falls off the plane and records the whole ordeal

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

16th Dec, 2020. 01:40 pm
iPhone 6s of Ernest

Earnest was using his iPhone 6s for capturing the beauty whilst flying over Rio de Janeiro’s beach and his phone dropped off the window followed by filming the experience for 30 minutes.

Anytime your phone slips from the hand or falls on the floor, you sense your heart missing a beat. In some unfortunate cases, you might need a substitute for your phone or a display.

Imagine throwing your phone off the aircraft now. Is it going to survive? It’s definitely not.

You’ll be left in awe that Earnest’s iPhone 6s after dropping off the window not only managed to survive but also documented the whole scenario.

Ernesto Galiotto, a filmmaker owned the handset of the iPhone 6s. With nothing more than a couple of scratches on its exterior. Moreover, it was found through GPS. A fairly tough apple!

The filmmaker uploaded this video on his YouTube channel. It has also captured the attention of around 51,000 people.

Earnest lost his hold over the phone while giving the signal to the pilot consequently dropping out of the plane’s window.

Earnest was also surprised that his GPS was also functioning and even helped him locating the phone. Moreover, the handset of Earnest touches the ground in just 15 seconds and only 200 meters away from the water.

Earnest told the local news channel, “I had scheduled the flight with two planes. When I heard that it [the flag] would not be extended, I dismissed the takeoff of the other and took off with only one. But, as the flag did not go up, the cell phone fell.”

“In 15 seconds, [the device] hit the ground. [It] was about 200 meters from the water.”

He also added that after recovering the phone the battery was just 16% left and kept recording for around half an hour.

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