Michigan Deputy fired for arresting a black man who was doing door-to-door work

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Jan, 2021. 12:06 pm
Michigan Deputy black man

The Calhoun County Deputy has been fired for arresting a black man, who was collecting signatures.

Authorities say two deputies were sent to a neighborhood in Springfield, Michigan on January 2 after receiving a call about a suspicious person possibly soliciting.

A video of the black man La’Ron Marshall made rounds on the internet. In the video, the man can be seen going door-to-door collecting signatures to form a tenant organization when police arrested him.

Marshall was asked to put his hands behind his back while he was asking the reason for the arrest.

A deputy said, “For soliciting,” “Soliciting what?” Marshall asked. A deputy then replied, “Whatever you’re soliciting.” Marshall then said, “So you don’t even know what I’m doing.”

Marshall explained that he was only collecting signatures and not soliciting money.

The unidentified person recording the video asked the deputies to give their badge numbers. But the deputies did not give.

According to the international news source, Marshall reported that he felt he was targeted and racially profiled.

“We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism to the communities we protect,” Sheriff Steve Hinkley said in a statement.

Authorities said the deputy was terminated.

“When we are right, we are right. When we are wrong, we admit we are wrong,” said Hinkley. ” On January 2, we were wrong.”

According to the Michigan Legal Center, police cannot demand to see anyone’s identification unless they have reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.

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