You Can Not Die In These 3 Places

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Jan, 2021. 12:37 am

Who likes to be dead? No one! But we can not deny the fact that one day everyone will have to say goodbye to the world.

But do you know there are places where death is not allowed? Well, there are seven countries in which dying is prohibited. A person will not get the death penalty nor can be dead due to illness.

Here are seven towns that have urged their residents to become immortal or at least not be dead in its premises.


In 2015, the mayor of the town decreed that the people of the town do not have an option to fall ill. With only 537 residents, the majority of whom are over 65, dying might kill the town itself. The ban encouraged the residents to get themselves checked by the doctor every week and motivated them to stay healthy.


Cugnaux had two cemeteries with only 17 plots left between them in 2007. Due to a high water table, the only land available to expand the town’s cemeteries was on the nearby military airbase.

The defence ministry did not want the people to be buried there and decreed dying illegal for anyone who didn’t have their place prepared to be buried.


Inspired by Cugnaux’s example, an overcrowded cemetery led the mayor of the 260-person hamlet in southwest France had disallowed the people to die.

“Offenders shall be severely punished,” the ordinance read.  However, the 70-year-old mayor defied his own edict later in 2008

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