‘Tranquillized Cub’ Exhibited For Wedding Shoot Sparks Fury Among Netizens

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

11th Mar, 2021. 12:55 am
Sedated Lion Cub At A wedding

A tranquillized lion cub exhibited during a wedding shoot has sparked intense fury among social media users as they termed it a clear ‘animal abuse’.

The video from a wedding event has gone viral online as the couple allegedly used a tranquillized lion cub to make their wedding shoot look glamorous.

The pictures and videos doing rounds on social media showed the bride and groom holding hands over the cub as the photographer captured them.

However, the matter was highlighted by several animal rescuers and drew ire among the netizens.

An animals rescue page on Instagram, while posting the snap, stated, “Sedated Lion cub Used as a prop on stage for wedding photography of this couple. Here’s a post from Pakistan on World Wild Life day 2021. First peacocks, exotic birds caged in loud music kept as props on weddings and now these cubs. Separated from mother, stolen and sold, used as a prop. Is this a new way of showing off wealth? Shame is a small word.”

Following the intense outrage, several Twitter users requested the concerned authorities to take steps against the mistreatment of a little cub.

Here Is The Video:

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