Woman injured groom with a spoon for marrying another girl

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

02nd Mar, 2021. 12:24 am

A new case of love betrayal has emerged after a girl hits her boyfriend with a spoon for marrying another girl.

The wedding ceremony at the local wedding hall on Maryam Road in Nawabshah was marred by commotion when a girl named Naheed Mehr grabbed the groom Niaz Mehr by the collar and shouted, “You Love me and marrying someone else I will not allow this to happen” and injured him with a spoon.

The women attending the wedding tried to hold Naheed but the girl attacked the groom with a spoon and sharp object.

Women at the wedding somehow grabbed the girl and handed her over to the police, while the injured groom was rushed to the People’s Medical College and Hospital. Sources said that the injured groom and the attacking girl are relatives and both live in the same area.

According to sources, Naheed Mehr said,

“We used to study tuition with Niaz Mehr during when we both fell in love.”

The sources revealed that both of them agreed to get married but the groom cheated on her and was tying the knot with another girl.

“On my protest, he consoled me that I will marry you soon which I agreed to. I reached the wedding hall and grabbed Niaz and hit him with a spoon,” said Naheed.

The groom’s relatives also reached the police station and said that

“We are relatives and do not want to take the matter to court.”

The situation is now under control and the matter has been solved.

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