Saba Qamar: Three alleged relationships of stunning actress

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Apr, 2021. 04:31 pm
Saba Qamar's three alleged relationships

Actress Saba Qamar many times made headlines due to her alleged relationships and breakups.

A few days ago, the Cheekh actress revealed that she was in a relationship with Azeem Khan. The couple seemed to be over the moon as both publically gave compliments to each other and showed love on social media.

Azeem Khan Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar and beau

However, she later revealed that she will not marry Azeem. “Hii Everyone. I have a very important announcement to make, due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan,” she had written on Instagram.

Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi

This is not the first time Saba remained a gossip topic due to her real life. Saba allegedly remained in two other relationships. Earlier, she allegedly remained in a relationship with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Rumors about their dating were common in 2014. Both were often seen together although they called each other “just friends”. Saba and Hamza never publically made any statement. But, fans assumed that they were a couple.

Saba Qamar and foreign businessman Dino

‘Lahore se aagay’ actress in an online talk show revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with a businessman for eight years. She revealed that the man would mentally torture her and then would apologize to her.

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