Three years after Dubai princess’ failed escape attempt, Frenchman who helped her recounts ordeal

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22nd Apr, 2021. 03:26 pm
Dubai princess

A French man shared his experience of providing a route of escape to a Dubai princess daughter Latifa in 2018. He narrates that for what he did was not at all wrong”. Latifa the daughter of the prince of UAE sheikh Rashid al Makhtoom wanted to run at her will as she describes that she was there held captive and she wasn’t want to be called sheikh’s daughter.

The French man whose names is Elombo was the 3rd parted helper of the escape for Latifa in Oman, and prime ones were Tiina Jauhiainen( her French coach) and Herve Jaubert (franco-American) the mastermind behind the escape plan. Elombo was a friend of jauhiainen.

They were caught red-handed when they boarded the same boat which was also boarded by a commando team in international waters of goa by which the inhabitants get it back to the UAE.

Discussing his life after getting seized was one hell of a ride. He has been through detention, emotional and psychological pressures during all this span of time. After two months he sets out from the Omani’s jail by the serious moves from his sister Jackylne who was a business lawyer in Luxembourg. To overcome the shocks of detention, he mentioned that he watched movies in his heart, workout and set different goals.

Considering on the other side what goes with Latifa he added, Is she free or not?

Also, the UN official confined the UAE to provide genuine evident information about Latifa on her current situation, because an interview of BBC got pop-up of Latifa saying that she was imprisoned for three months in Dubai and then moved to a villa.

‘’A statement by royal family also arrived that she is been well taken cared by the family’’. Elombo further pushes that he would do the same for anyone else too, who is been struggling through the same situation as Latifa.

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