Watch: Geologist beaten up by the angry octopus in Australia

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

05th Apr, 2021. 11:08 pm

The Geologist in Australia has been attacked by the angry octopus while swimming at a picturesque beach in Western Australia.

As per reports, Geologist and author Lance Karlson were about to take a dip near the resort he and his family were staying at in Geographe Bay, on Australia’s southwest coast, when he spotted what he thought was the tail of a stingray emerging from the water and striking a seagull.

He comes nearer with his 2 years old daughter and took a video which wasn’t like by the octopus and animal suddenly attacked them.

Karlson said in emailed comments to the international news agency that,

“The octopus lashed out at us, which was a real shock,”

“My goggles became fogged, the water was suddenly murky and I remember being shocked and confused,” Karlson added in the e-mail.

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