Do you know Javeria Abbasi’s ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi is her step-brother?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

05th May, 2021. 06:35 pm
Javeria Shamoon Step Siblings

Pakistani actress Javeria Abbasi does not talk much about her personal life in front of the camera. Even, she never felt like talking about her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi.

However, the Ghisi Pitti Mohabat actress made a shocking revelation about her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi.

She told during a morning show, that Shamoon and her are step-siblings. Yes, you read it right! Shamoon was Abbasi’s step-brother.

Javeria’s mother had married Shamoon’s father while she was engaged with the actor.

“People get really confused with this story,” Javeria said, adding, “So I don’t want to create any confusion. The rest of our siblings were from our mother and father. That’s why people get really confused whether Anoushey Abbasi is my sister or Shamoon’s. She’s both of our sisters.”

“He was the first man so I thought I’d just hold onto him. But that’s a big exaggeration. However, the idea was to bring the whole family together. We would live together, share a house, so it was a good idea and it worked.”

When asked if having her birth mother as her mother-in-law made her married life easier she said: “Oh no, I had it worst!” the actor replied.

“My mother was on a mission to prove how her daughter was the best. Apart from working 12 hours a day, I would do the rest of the chores as well.”

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