Celebrities criticize the Lux Style awards for inequitable nominations

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2021. 04:26 pm

The nominations for the Lux Style Awards 2021 in the categories of music, fashion, and television were recently announced. While there was no Film category this year due to no releases due to the ongoing pandemic, the nominations for fashion, music and television were announced.

After the Lux Style Awards announced its nominees, some celebrities stood up and slammed the Lux Style Awards for nominating television dramas solely on the basis of their popularity and high viewer ratings, without considering the quality of the content itself. Sonya Hussyn expresses her displeasure on her Instagram account.

“It is very disappointing to see that a project like Saraab did not bag even a single nomination at the Lux Style Awards 2021.” She added, “We talk about the need for meaningful content that also educates the masses with real issues but when [such content is] finally created they’re hardly ever recognised/nominated for awards. Aren’t those double standards?” Sonya expressed her dissatisfaction with the criteria for nominating drama serials, claiming that they appear to prioritise popularity over the delivery of meaningful content.



“I’ve been silent for seven years but really, were none of these dramas deserving? Not even a single project? Anyhow, in a country where veteran artists are given lifetime achievement awards after they’re gone, then who am I to question?”

 Nausheen Shah also extended her support to Sonya for her stance.


Hadiqa Kiani also stood up stating that the drama series “Raqeeb Se” was not nominated this year due to the LUX Style Award’s rules.


Yasra Rizvi, a multi-talented artist, also chastised the LSA’s organisers and judges for prioritising TRPs over quality material.



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