Taliban spokesman gives ‘thug life’ reply to Indian anchor; Watch video

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2021. 02:39 pm
Taliban spokesman gives thug life reply to Indian anchor; Watch video

Taliban spokesman for International Media Suhail Shaheen while giving an interview to an Indian news channel derided the anchor with his savage reply.

The Indian Anchor had asked the Taliban spokesman that the Taliban has announced a general amnesty but still why are so many Afghans leaving the country?

Suhail Shaheen replied that if the United States parks an aeroplane at Delhi airport and allows common Indians citizens to fly out of India to America then millions of Indians will leave within 2-3 hours.

After listening to the honest reply the Indian anchor was rendered speechless.

Taliban’s spokesman Suhail Shaheen’s thug life reply has garnered attention around social media.

Taliban seem more ‘open-ended’ as compared to their previous regime, the reason is that they want to be accepted as a political power instead of seeing their image as extremist Islamists.

Highlights of the Taliban’s first press conference

* No enmity with anyone, a general amnesty for all

* Women’s rights will be respected according to Sharia

* Private media will be free but should not work against national interests

• Afghan territory will not be allowed to be used against any country

* Afghanistan will be a drug-free country

Earlier, in an interview with the British channel Sky News, Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Afghan Taliban’s political office, referring to the hijab of women in Afghanistan, said that the Taliban would not ask women to wear the full burqa but would have to wear the hijab.

He said that the hijab will be for the security of women.

In addition, Sohail Shaheen has also denied reports of Mujahideen forcibly marrying underage girls.

In a statement released on Twitter, Shaheen said that all those claims that say that Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan forces people to marry their young girls to Mujahideen, are totally wrong.

Shaheen termed the rumours as poisonous propaganda.


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