‘The government should give a dress code for showbiz’: Veena Malik

Raba NoorWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 06:44 pm

Leading actress and host Veena Malik recently gave an interview to a German broadcaster’s Urdu service in which she talked about women’s clothing and the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan.

The actress said that the Taliban have established their government in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is connected with the Taliban, this is their land and place for which they fought a long war.

Veena stated, “You said that the Taliban have ‘captured’ Afghanistan when in reality they have formed a government in the country. And I think Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban. This is their land which they have fought such a long war for.”

While talking about burkha she said, “I love Kandahar, and I would love to go there, but as far as the burkha is concerned, it has been a part of my life since I was 13-years-old. I still wear a burkha when I go out, not because someone has imposed it on me, but because it’s my choice and I feel very secure and safe since I’m an introvert and I’m very shy. It’s very difficult for me to deal with people, so I am very comfortable in the burkha.”

On the other hand, Veena said about Pakistan that our country is an independent country, people here are wearing all kinds of clothes. I think showbiz should have a dress code, the government should give us a dress code that you have to live within these limits.

“We should not think too much about the government of Afghanistan. I sympathize with those industries where there are no restrictions. Artists are able to do whatever they want,” she added.

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