‘Jawab Do,’ Tweeple mourn over white lion’s death at the Karachi Zoo

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25th Nov, 2021. 03:17 pm

Twitter wants the responsible to be held accountable for a rare white lion’s death at the Karachi Zoo. PHOTOS: Twitter

We often hear about Karachi Zoo and the miserable state that it’s in, with animals not being taken care of cautiously to the animals starving, falling ill, and living under un-livable conditions to dying due to negligence.

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Recently, a rare white lion that was brought from Africa in 2012 passed away at the Karachi Zoo because its lungs stopped working, giving in to pulmonary tuberculosis that was being neglected by the zoo. And while the blame game among the governing bodies and bodies responsible continues, Twitter is outraged by the sad demise.

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Expressing their anger on the social media platform, Pakistanis have been tweeting under the hashtag #KarachiZoo asking the responsible bodies to be held accountable: