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Bol to launch newspaper after ruling Pakistan’s digital media

SEPTEMBER 6, 2021: After making its mark on the country’s electronic and digital media, the Bol Media Group now plans to enter the print market by launching its weekly English-language publication, the group spokesperson said on Monday.
“Since the formal launch of Bol News channel in December 2016, our group has been a trend setter for Pakistan’s media industry because of its unique, innovative and dynamic concepts. Our digital platforms and the Bol Entertainment channel also introduced a number of new ideas and concepts which placed them head-and-shoulder above their competition,” he said.
Now the Bol Media Group plans to revamp all its digital media platforms and launch its weekly English-language publication which would set not just new standards of professional journalism in Pakistan, but in terms of style, layout, quality and presentation would take on the world’s top digital platforms and publications, he said.
For more than 50 million unique users, is already the source of the latest news on national and international politics, economy, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. The website is expected to double the traffic within weeks after the launch of its new design, and interface and broader and incisive coverage of all the news that matters.
On social media, Bol News and Bol Entertainment have a collective subscriber audience of around 500 million, which includes people from Pakistan and around the world.
Bol Media Group also has a sizable presence on other popular social media networks, including Twitter and Instagram. The Group also plans to be available on the emerging social platforms such as Snack Video.
Bol Media Group’s weekly newspaper will bring more depth to the news coverage on its digital platforms as they all would supplement one another.
Readers both here and abroad, including expatriate Pakistanis and all those interested in the affairs of the country, have long been demanding an English-language publication which gives not just credible and authentic news from Pakistan, but also presents an undiluted Pakistani perspective.
Some of the top Pakistani journalists are already part of this initiative which is on a recruitment spree at all the major cities and towns of the country.
As per the vision of Group’s CEO and Chairman Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, all the Bol Media platforms aim to be number one in their respective domains. The company, as per its mission statement, remains committed to allocate 50 per cent of its profit for social work and humanitarian causes. Ayesha Shaikh, the chairperson of the group, takes special interest in promoting education, especially in the backward areas of the country.

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