Gohar Ali Khan

BOL News, Karachi
Curse of Karo-kari
Curse of Karo-kari

Feudal structures continue to treat women as slaves, protect their killers Karachi: Honour killings of women, including young girls, continue...

Census Without Consensus
An Economic Quagmire
Wither Good Governance
United We Stand
The PPP’s Magic
Rights of Karachiites have been usurped by PPP
The Hyderabad Comeback
Fighting for the Rights
PTI to sweep polls
Sindh’s killer noise pollution
‘Delay in polls has intensified political challenges’
Hegemonic Power
A United MQM-P?
Jinnah’s Residence
In Dire Straits
Continuous Suffering
Call for New Provinces
After Much Ado
An Ambitious Plan
‘Fresh elections can resolve the political impasse’
Digitising Irrigation
Field Day for VCs
Healthcare in Limbo
Death of the Law
‘A peaceful Afghanistan is vital for the entire region’
Endless Delays
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