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SAMAA’s FM staffer faces sexual assault on office premises

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07th Sep, 2018. 07:21 pm
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SAMAA’s FM staffer faces sexual assault on office premises

Every year in Pakistan, hundreds of women face consequences in which they are made to feel inferior and lesser than the other gender. Sexual harassment is a big one out of all the repercussions of being born as a female. In Pakistan, there is still a stigma associated with being caught as a victim in a case pertaining to sexual assault.

One such case in which a brave woman finally spoke out and took to twitter her sad predicament is the Samaa FM host, Tehreem Muneeba who was a host at the Samaa FM show ‘Lagao with Tehreem’. She spoke about her reasons of leaving her post due to gender discrimination, harassment, slander as well as poor management in dealing with such issues. Apparently, an institution in these modern times can know about such problematic affairs happening in their premises yet choose not to indulge in resolving them.

Miss Muneeba spoke about how she refused to be part of an institution in which women aren’t respected and everybody is protecting the side of misogyny and injustice. Samaa FM has also reportedly deleted the CCTV footage that showcases the misappropriate behavior against Miss Muneeba and is delaying her case for weeks in an attempt to let it subdue automatically. If a prominent face in media production can face such dire consequences of her femininity, then one can only assume the sad plight that confronts those women that don’t have any status or support from society. 

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