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Samaa TV panelists favor for Indian Congress victory

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22nd Feb, 2019. 08:34 pm
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Zafar Siddiqi

As reported by one of the Indian websites, TFI Post, in 2016 Pakistan Senate document disclosed its strategy of supporting anti-Modi forces within India. The title of the document was “Policy Guidelines in View of The Latest Situation-developing between India and Pakistan”.

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The Pakistan Senate document made it clear that the terrorist nation wanted to join hands with the liberal contingent within India and exploit the intolerance-related propaganda against the Modi government. The document seemed to be a perfect explanation for repulsive remarks by the anti-Modi elements within India. Not only this, whenever a terror attack has been carried out in India by Pakistani based outfits, such anti-Modi elements have usually shifted the blame on purportedly extremist and radical Hindutva policies of the government of the day. Now, it seems that there is an obvious connection between the Pakistani Senate document policy directions and the conduct of the liberal party with in India.

As we see in Pakistani Media, there is also some connection between this document and the news which is broadcasted on Pakistani news channels. In a panel debate on Samaa TV, a panellist claimed that Congress party will secure victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It is no longer a secret that there are a lot of sympathizers of the Congress party in Pakistan. The most disturbing fact is that some elements within India are still backing Pakistan’s narrative and pampering in a political blame game even in these circumstances while the nation is in trouble.

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