Samaa TV caught up once again in fines by PEMRA

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04th Apr, 2019. 07:56 pm
Samaa TV caught up once again in fines by PEMRA

In yet another turn of events, we find Samaa TV caught up once again in monetary fines by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Samaa TV has directed baseless allegations at another one of Pakistan’s institutions. This time, it is the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Time and again, Samaa TV gets itself wrapped up in affairs that go against the very institutions that have allowed it to produce its media content. Samaa TV has built up a reputation to gain attention by working against public institutions that are working for the general public. From NAB to ECP to other institutions such as the Pakistan Cricket Board, it has attempted to injure the image of various public and private organizations.

In its 42nd meeting, PEMRA has recommended a fine of Rs. 300,000 against the unprincipled TV network. When asked to produce evidence of the claims made against ECP, Bureau Chief of Samaa TV, Khalid Azeem lacked an adequate response. Moreover, Samaa TV also has to air an apology for the Electoral Commission of Pakistan with the same degree of publicity in order to make it right with the ECP. In doing so, Samaa TV was brought to justice for attempting to smear the reputation of one of Pakistan’s most important institutions.

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