NAVEID SIDDIQUI is the man behind SAMAA TV’s Indian Funding

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16th Aug, 2020. 03:34 am
Naveid Siddiqui

As a major media figurehead and businessman, Samaa TV chief Naveid Siddiqui is also involved in a  number of international partnerships. Perhaps the most interesting of these partnerships is his collaboration with Indian Army veteran Rakesh Wahi. He is also an established entrepreneur primarily involved in Africa and the Middle East region. Wahi is currently affiliated with CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa Magazine and Transnational Academic Group, and TechOne Global, working very closely with Naveid Siddiqui.

This collaboration continues at a time when the far-right BJP government in India, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is becoming a cause of great international concern. Pak-India ties seem to be at an all-time low, with the Kashmir issue continuing to be a major flashpoint and source of friction.

With a media chief being closely linked to an Indian army general, this means that the possibility of Indian involvement and funding, particularly in the media and broadcasting sector, is a serious one. It must be a matter of national concern that must be taken notice of and acted upon accordingly.

Pak-India tensions have remained high ever since the Balakot airstrike at the start of last year. With a number of growing concerns over the region’s stability, a key player such as Pakistan cannot afford to have any loose ends. The Government of Pakistan and all other concerned authorities must ensure that Zafar Siddiqi does not prove to be a source of great trouble in such testing times.

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