Samaa TV shown as playing with the personal reputation Reham Khan

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15th Aug, 2020. 08:23 pm
Samaa TV shown as playing with the personal reputation Reham Khan

In an interview discussing her marriage with PM Imran Khan and its following divorce, Reham Khan reportedly defended herself as the “churail” that she has been made up by the public. She asked the reporter whether she is a churail or not for finding problems with the marriage and for expressing herself to the general masses.

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Samaa TV took this opportunity up on Twitter to open up discussion on whether she is indeed a churail or not. Before long, this created a negative response from the public as Samaa TV was shown as playing with the personal reputation of somebody. Samaa TV was quick to remove their post from Twitter when their plan of creating propaganda capsized.

Everyday, news channels corrupt the very sanctity of the news production industry. They use their prominent and influential position in society to disrupt the names and lives of others. The very institutions that help these media personalities develop the foundation of their credibility are disowned and attacked. Attacking a woman after she has struggled through the agonies of divorce should never be used for the elevation of one’s image and publicity. Samaa TV may have gotten out of this one without a scratch but it should be a news alert to all media channels to ensure the production of news in a safe and harmonious manner.

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