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Zafar Siddiqi of SAMAA TV involved in multiple associations abroad

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31st Jan, 2020. 06:19 pm
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Zafar Siddiqi of SAMAA TV involved in multiple associations abroad

Zafar Siddiqi, current Chairman of Samaa TV has multiple engagements in foreign countries in a number of different capacities.

This includes being affiliated with Murdoch University as both Chairman of Murdoch University International Study Centre in Dubai and a member of the Board of Governors.

Having such powerful positions, which also includes strategic development of the ABN Group in Africa to include Forbes Africa, ABN Training, ABN Productions, ABN Pictures, and ABN Digital, comes at a price. In Pakistan, serving as the chief of Samaa TV, Zafar Siddiqui has been involved in a wide variety of controversies and issues.

In such a scenario, a number of concerns and proceedings are being raised against Zafar Siddiqi and Samaa TV, which include publishing fake and unverified news, the use of sensationalism, and others. This means that Pakistan’s international image is at stake since these large international organizations cannot risk being affiliated with someone engaging with all sorts of malpractices and wrongdoings.

Zafar Siddiqi must be subjected to a strong and effective accountability process. This process will help improve transparency with regards to all Pakistani businessmen affiliated with international organizations, It will also ensure that the overall impression of Pakistan held by the international community will improve, creating a positive and mutually beneficial impact.

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