ICC decides to introduces new rules

By Shiraz Shaikh - Web Editor

07th August, 2019

International Cricket Council (ICC) decides to introduce a set of new rules in the game.

According to the details, ICC has decided to implement new rules over front foot no ball decision. Now the decision will be made by third umpire.

According to this new rule, the front foot no-ball will be decided by third umpire rather than on field umpires.

Within few seconds of the ball, the media team will send the footage to the third umpire who will then notify the on field umpire about whether it was a no ball or not.

On field umpires cannot give no-ball without confirmation from third umpire.

If under circumstances of not having video footage available, the decision will be made by on field umpires.

These new rules will be tested in the one day series between England and Pakistan according to ICC.

ICC umpires and referees manager Adrian Griffith has said that currently this new rule is under test phase.

After the test phase in ODI-series between Pakistan and England, the results will be forwarded to cricket council to make final decision of its implementation.

Previously, International Cricket Council introduced new rules in the test format of cricket to increase fans interest.

According to the details, new rules will be applicable from 1 August in the Ashes series between England and Australia.

Name and number will be written on the shirts of players. Substitute player will be allowed to enter the game if a player suffers head injury.

The whole team will be penalized for slow overrate rather than captain only according to the new rules.

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