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Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans: match abandons due to rain

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

06th Mar, 2020. 06:21 pm
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Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans

Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans: PSL 2020’s 19th Match – which was being played in Gaddafi stadium, Lahore on 06 March 2020

Multan Sultan vs Karachi Kings


Today’s match abandoned due to rain and both teams share 1 point each.

Karachi Kings won the toss and elected to field.

Earlier, Afridi was not happy with the rain falling right in his eyes as he is in his batting stance. The umpires agree with him and all of them walk off the field. So rain has stopped play.

Multan Sultans

16.1Mohammad AmirShahid Afridi1 run
16.2Mohammad AmirSohail Tanvir2 leg byes
16.3Mohammad AmirSohail Tanvirno run
16.4Mohammad AmirSohail Tanvirno run
16.5Mohammad AmirSohail Tanvir1 run

END OF OVER: 16 | 15 Runs | MS: 98/6 |

15.1Umer Khan2 run
15.2Umer KhanShahid AfridiSIX
15.3Umer KhanShahid Afridi1 run
15.4Umer KhanSohail TanvirFOUR
15.5Umer KhanSohail Tanvir1 run
15.6Umer KhanShahid Afridi1 run

END OF OVER: 15 | 14 Runs | MS: 83/6 |

14.1McClenaghan Sohail Tanvir1 run
14.2McClenaghan Shahid Afridi no run
14.3McClenaghan Shahid AfridiSIX
14.4McClenaghan Shahid AfridiSIX
14.5McClenaghan Shahid Afridi1 run
14.6McClenaghan Sohail Tanvirno run

END OF OVER: 14 | 3 Runs | MS: 69/6 |

12.1Imad WasimSohail Tanvir no run
12.2Imad WasimSohail Tanvir no run
12.3Imad WasimSohail Tanvir1 run
12.4Imad WasimShahid Afridi no run
12.5Imad WasimShahid Afridi1 run
12.6Imad WasimSohail Tanvir1 run

END OF OVER: 12 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | MS: 64/6 |

11.1Umer KhanShahid Afridi1 run
11.2Umer KhanKhushdil Shah1 run
11.3Umer KhanShahid Afridi no run
11.4Umer KhanShahid Afridi1 run
11.5Umer KhanKhushdil Shah1 wide
11.5Umer KhanKhushdil ShahOUT
11.6Umer KhanSohail Tanvirno run

END OF OVER: 11 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | MS: 60/5 |

10.1 Imad WasimShan Masoodno run
10.2 Imad WasimShan Masoodno run
10.3 Imad WasimShan Masood no run
10.4 Imad WasimShan MasoodOUT
10.5 Imad WasimShahid Afridi3 run
10.6 Imad WasimShahid AfridiFOUR

END OF OVER: 9 | 2 Runs | MS: 47/4 |

8.1 Imad WasimShan Masoodno run
8.2 Imad WasimShan Masoodno run
8.3 Imad WasimShan Masood1 run
8.4 Imad WasimKhushdil Shahno run
8.5 Imad WasimKhushdil Shahno run
8.6 Imad WasimKhushdil Shah1 run

END OF OVER: 7 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | MS: 44/4 |

6.1 Imad WasimShan Masood1 run
6.2 Imad WasimBoparaOUT
6.3 Imad WasimKhushdil Shah1 run
6.4 Imad WasimShan Masoodno run
6.5 Imad WasimShan Masood1 run
6.6 Imad WasimKhushdil Shahno run

END OF OVER: 6 | 8 Runs 2 Wkts | MS: 41/3 |

5.1Aamer Yamin Ali1 run
5.2Aamer Yamin Shan Masood1 run
5.3Aamer Yamin Ali2 run
5.4Aamer Yamin AliOUT
5.5Aamer Yamin RossouwOUT
5.6Aamer Yamin BoparaFOUR

END OF OVER: 5 | 9 Runs | MS: 33/1 |

4.1Jordan Alino run
4.2Jordan AliFOUR
4.3Jordan Ali2 run
4.4Jordan Ali1 run
4.5Jordan Shan Masood2 run
4.6Jordan Shan Masoodno run

END OF OVER: 3 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | MS: 17/1 |

2.1Mohammad AmirZeeshan Ashraf1 run
2.2Mohammad AmirAli1 leg bye
2.3Mohammad AmirAlino run
2.4Mohammad AmirAliSIX
2.5Mohammad AmirAli1 leg bye
2.6Mohammad AmirZeeshan AshrafOUT

END OF OVER: 2 | 2 Runs | MS: 8/0 |

1.1Aamer YaminZeeshan Ashrafno run
1.2Aamer YaminZeeshan Ashraf1 run
1.3Aamer YaminAli1 run
1.4Aamer YaminZeeshan Ashrafno run
1.5Aamer YaminZeeshan Ashrafno run
1.6Aamer YaminZeeshan Ashrafno run

END OF OVER: 1 | 6 Runs | MS: 6/0 |

0.1Mohammad AmirAli2 runs
0.2Mohammad AmirAlino run
0.3Mohammad AmirAlino run
0.4Mohammad AmirAlino run
0.5Mohammad AmirZeeshan Ashraf3 run
0.6Mohammad AmirAlino run


Karachi Kings: Sharjeel Khan, Babar Azam, AD Hales, CAK Walton†, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim*, Aamer Yamin, CJ Jordan, MJ McClenaghan, Mohammad Amir, Umer Khan

Multan Sultans: Zeeshan Ashraf†, Shan Masood*, MM Ali, RR Rossouw, RS Bopara, Khushdil Shah, Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Mohammad Ilyas, Imran Tahir, Mohammad Irfan

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