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Shahid Afridi Anti-Modi Remarks Fumed Indian Cricketers!

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th May, 2020. 01:00 pm
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Shahid Afridi Anti-Modi Remarks Fumed Indian Cricketers!

From fellow Indian cricketers Pakistan’s firebrand Shahid Khan Afridi has been receiving a lot of criticism, also included those who had earlier solidified support to his grounds for the making of remarks  against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During a charity drive, All Pakistani known as the Indian premier ‘coward’ said that neighboring countries would help answerable for its atrocities that have been occupied in Kashmir.

Shahid Afridi also said that there exists a ‘bigger disease than the Coronavirus inside Modi’s heart and mind’ that was related to the religious intolerance. Moreover, the cricketer also shared about the two cents of the Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan that was arrested by the forces of Pakistani after a fight in which the Indian pilot’s plane was shot down.

Moreover, the Indian cricketer also began to lash out the player Shahid Afridi whereas other than the ones, who had also shown the support earlier, had also taken a step back.

On the other hand, Afridi appealed for donations in helping the people that have affected by the deadly virus in Pakistan and had prodigious support from the leading Indian cricketers.

Yuvraj Singh also commented in support of Afridi for the raising of funds that has been ‘disappointed by Afridi’s comments’ on Modi.

However, Harbhajan Singh also retreated against the message of support.  “I am sorry to all of those brothers hurt by the act (support for funds). I promise you that now I will never send any message to that country (Pakistan), its nationals, which can hurt any Indian national.”

Further, Indian cricket player Suresh Raina also emitted the bitterness against the player Afridi.
“Gosh! What all a person must do to remain relevant … Better do something for your failed nation and leave Kashmir alone,” Raina said on his official Twitter aiming Afridi

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