Former Indian cricketer recalls playing holi with Pakistan Cricket Team

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

06th Jul, 2020. 06:25 pm

Ex-Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More recalled the time when Indian and Pakistani cricketers played Holi together in Banglore.

Pakistan toured India for five Tests and six ODIs in 1986-87, and after the first four Tests ended in a draw, More ‘s mind harked back to the time when the players from both sides, with the exception of Pakistan ‘s captain Imran Khan, got together ahead of the final match in Bangalore and “painted the hotel red.”

“We were really fighting hard for that whole series, but in that Test match, I’ll never forget that Holi we played on the rest day, with the Indian team and the Pakistani team,” said More.

He went on to say,

“[It was] at Bangalore’s Westin hotel, I still remember. The whole hotel was painted red. The swimming pool, all the rooms, every corner of the hotel was painted red. And we had a great time. We [both] Pakistani cricketers and Indian cricketers, we were trying to get Imran Khan out of his room. He was the captain, and he was a shy character. We were trying to get into his room from both sides, and trying to put colour on him.”

More revealed how Javed Miandad kept the party going even after the celebrations were ended. A day before the final test, players from both teams had a ball but could not get a nervous Imran out of his hotel room despite many efforts.

“He didn’t come out. Javed [Miandad] was instrumental in that Holi time, the whole day, we did Holi together, we had lunch together. Had bhangra music, there were a few friends of ours who joined that party. We had a great time, and next day, we were playing a Test match again.”

He concluded by saying,

“On the field, both teams wanted to win, and sledging was huge that time from both sides. Off the field, it was a great time that we had. I’ll never forget that Holi.”

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