WWE wrestler Undertaker joins TikTok

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd Jul, 2020. 07:08 pm

Legendary World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler the Undertaker surprised fans by joining TikTok.

For the longest time, he was away from social media but then he joined Twitter two years ago, and last year Instagram. The legend has over 59,000 followers on the app after creating an account on TikTok, despite not posting anything yet.

Undertaker has for the longest time preserved the nature of his character and has a macho guy persona, which is why fans were stunned by the development given that the content on TikTok doesn’t really go along with the physique of his personality. Thus, people began posting memes on Twitter.

Earlier, the wrestler also hinted to retire from wrestling by saying he has nothing left to conquer.

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