Prison is extended for Nasir Jamshed for spot-fixing role

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

21st Oct, 2020. 08:20 pm
Nasir Jamshed

Nasir Jamshed’s confidences of an instant release from prison have been ruined.

Although Nasir’s sentence for his part in a spot-fixing collusion is due to expire on October 21, he has now been informed he will remain in prison on the order of the Home Office.

Nasir Jamshed is the former Pakistani batsman, is now facing the scene of exile. Before allowed to remain in the UK on the basis of a spousal visa – his wife is a Birmingham-born doctor – the extent of his sentence has involved the courtesy of immigration authorities. Under UK Law, any non-citizen given a prison sentence of more than 12 months can be expelled. Nasir Jamshed was sentenced to 17 months of which he would usually be probable to serve half.

Whereas Nasir Jamshed’s lawyer is likely to apply for bail, he is sure to spend a little longer in prison even if it is granted. It is also possible he could be expelled back to Pakistan, where he was born, and expected to contest his case from there.

His petition against exile will center on his claim that he wasn’t made aware of the extent of the evidence against him and that, had he been, he would have entered a shamefaced request in the first instance.

As it was, the experimental went into a sixth day before he changed his plea to shamefaced and, as a result, the judge applied little leniency in sentencing.

The procedure has been late further by problems regarding Covid-19 which have caused a backlog in interviewing applicants and court dates.

Nasir Jamshed was sent to prison in February after changing his appeal, mid-trial, to shamefaced a conspiracy to bribe fellow cricketers in the PSL. He was also banned from the game, either as a player, coach or administrator, for 10 years.

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