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Boxer Mike Tyson has decided to return to the ring after 15 years

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

24th Nov, 2020. 10:59 pm
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Boxer Mike Tyson has decided to return to the ring after 15 years

America’s most talented boxer has decided to come once again in the boxing ring after 15 years. Now the question is, years later, do they have the strength to compete? On November 28, Mike Tyson’s friendly exhibition match will be against Roy Jones Jr.

The boxing match will be played in Los Angeles, California. On this occasion, many questions are circulating in the minds of the fans whether Mike Tyson is strong enough to be able to perform his previous performances.

Is Tyson’s health able to recover after 15 years? Many such concerns surround the audience. Mike Tyson wrote on Instagram that the competition will be very tough and intense. He also said that sometimes I have lost matches but they will win the match on November 28.

The organizers of this match have given the status of an exhibition and friendly match. It will consist of eight rands. The match has also been approved by the California Athletic Commission. According to the initial announcement, the match was scheduled to take place on September 12 this year and was likely postponed due to the Corona epidemic.

Mike Tyson was nicknamed the Steel Mike or Iron Mike during his days. Only on November 28 will it be known how much steel is left in Mike Tyson.

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